wood pellets

One of the most abundant sources of energy that humans have is located all around us. Wood has been used for centuries by people who needed to cook or heat their environment. Without the technological knowledge that we have today, many of them lived comfortable lives that were not only sustainable, but also healthy for the environment. Today, there has been a revitalization of using wood as a legitimate biomass source for providing clean energy. Below is an overview of the material and how it can be used to your benefit.

Using Wood for Energy

There is always a fine line between using too much of a natural resource versus true sustainability. Humans rely on trees and plants to provide oxygen so that we may breathe. However, many are worried that using too much wood would be detrimental to our own environment. Thankfully, there has been a growth in technology that can handle all types of wood rather than the simple logs. The wood can be used in a variety of different forms in order to create the energy.

Best of all, most of the energy provided by the wood is in the form of recycled matter. Many lumber and timber companies that produce commercial wood have many by-products and sawdust that would usually go to waste if it were not for the new technology that can utilize them for wood. Due to these new technologies there are many new possibilities available for energy conservation movements.

Paper mill operations are another producer of pulp and other biomass that is usually not conducive to making energy. The new technology has changed this so that pulp and other by-products from paper and cardboard are useful for producing energy.

Is Wood a Good Biomass Source?

Many people fear that wood is also a pollutant for the environment, which is definitely a true statement. The greenhouse gasses produced from burning wood definitely add up to harm the environment, but in most cases the wood is more efficient. While it does produce greenhouse gasses, it is able to provide warmth and energy more efficiently than other types. For this reason it is definitely a good source.

Also important is the fact that many of the new technologies allowed wooden recycled waste products to be made into biomass energy. This is great because it allows people to cook their food and maintain a warm house while still protecting the environment. This is one of the best things that a person can do in order to protect the environment.

For centuries people have been using wood to heat their homes and cook their food. Although modern sources of energy have produced enough to sustain a higher population, that does not mean it can be done for long. Before too long the environment will start to falter due to the heavy greenhouse gas emissions. Already there are signs that wood is a better biomass source of energy than many of the other existing types that already exist today.